Comfortable, Relaxing And Visually Impressive Design

Comfortable, Relaxing And Visually Impressive Design – The Albizia House by Metropole Architects is a family home in the providence of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, entwining simplicity and sophistication in a harmoniously way. All the rooms of the house face a beautiful and relaxing panoramic vista, including a dense forest. The natural materials such as the off-shutter concrete, decking, timber screens and stone blend with the bold architecture shape, creating an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Nonetheless, there are also other elements that make this house a nice and welcoming place to live. Its large and reflective pond mirrors the entire building and the “Googie” architectural style influenced by the American society’s attraction for fascination and futuristic design make the building modern and eye-catching, inviting you to come in and enjoy the peaceful environment. The design of the house is complemented by the large pool featuring a glass panel between the basement cinema room and the water, which definitely makes everything visually impressive.

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